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Spirit picture...

Okay, this is a little weird but just go with me here.
I've had this one spirit with me for 5 or 6 years, he's saved my life on 4 seperate occasions (once from a cocaine overdose) and I have no doubts as to whether or not he sxists. Others have told me that they feel him around me, others have seen him with me (even complete strangers, people with no prior knowledge ofme and my beliefs and fandom).
I have never had any solid proof until recently when my best friend Cheryl and I were hanging out in my dorm room one lazy saturday night taking pictures (I'm an ameture photographer). In one of the pictures taken the spirit showed up in it. I wish I remembered to bring the disk with the other pictures to the library so I could show you guys the contrast between them. I figure since most of you guys in these communities believe in spirits anyway I don't really need to prove myself by showing you the two different pictures, but I think if you saw a clear normal picture taken with my camera you'd see the contrast immediately. Alas I am forgetful.
I've looked at all the options as to what else could be in the picture. It is not smoke as we had no candles, cigarettes or incense lit, it is not anything on the lense-cap as I take obsessively good care of my camera and have never had dust or anything else mess up any of my pictures, it is not the camera being messed up as it is a very good camera that, again, I take good care of. I did not photoshop it because I don't own photoshop (Somehow I manage to be a computer geek without it... go figure). Other than that I can't think of any reason the smoky image would be on the camera and only in that picture so Cheryl and I came to the conclusion that, for once, my spirit lover showed up on the camera and I figured I'd share it with you guys.

In the area around my form on the bed it's blurry and looks somewhat out of focus, there's sort of a smoky substance around me that, as I said, was not caused by any smoke in my room.

So... thoughts?

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